Human vision and function/Part 2: Understanding vision: visual acuity, colour vision and 3D perception/2.3 Depth perception/Answers

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1. Why must both eyes work together in order to perceive stereopsis?

Because when the two eyes look at an object they see a slightly different image and each image falls on the retina and it is then blended into one.

2. What was the purpose of the visual cliff experiments?

To determine whether a baby would crawl over the edge of an artificial cliff, to work out whether stereopsis was developed by the time a baby could crawl.

3. There are two ways to determine depth. What are these?

Binocular cues and monocular cues.

4. What type of patterns does the Randot stereotest use to assess stereopsis?

A series of radom dots.

5. What type of depth cue us interposition? Describe how it works.

This is a monocular depth cue. When one object is placed in front of another, and is partially blocking the object behind it, we perceive that the first object is closer.