Human vision and function/1x individual reflective summary of your own work on the poster - approx 300 words (worth 20%)/Example of a good reflective summary

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Research methods (how/where did you obtain your information).
Each member of the group had the responsibility to research one question. All research was conducted on the internet, using Google to search for webpages. All the information we collected was verified from at least two websites to ensure accuracy.

Your project (Respond to the questions given for your project topic).
Our group chose to study glaucoma and describe the disease, what clinical tests are required, the treatments available and the social and economic impact. We discovered that glaucoma is called the Silent Thief of Sight and discussed the underlying reasons why. My task was to describe the signs and symptoms of the disease and relate this back to the anatomy and physiology of the eye. As part of the assignment we realised that orthotpists are involved in many of the clinical assessments required to diagnose and monitor glaucoma and one of these tests, which I found very interesting, was the Van Herrick method for measuring anterior chamber depth. Another important fact we discovered was related to the demographic distribution of glaucoma in Australia and the projected distribution over the next 20 years. This in turn will have a significant impact on eye health care across the country.

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