Human vision and function/1x individual reflective summary of your own work on the poster - approx 300 words (worth 20%)/Example of a bad reflective summary

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Research methods (how/where did you obtain your information).
We got our information from various web pages.

Your project (Respond to the questions given for your project topic).
Our group e-poster was on glaucoma. We had four meetings in the library and once, two members of the group spoke on the phone. One of our group members only came to the first meeting so the rest of us divided the 3 questions up between us. We all used the internet to find out the answers to the questions. It was pretty easy to find information using Google but it turned out that everything we need to know was on Wikipedia. We really only had to use Google or go to the library catalogue to find pictures that looked good when we printed them. We each wrote our own paragraphs on the questions we researching. When we finished we got together to write the introduction paragraph and the conclusion. James did most of the work putting the poster together because he was really good at that, but the rest of the group helped too. I found the picture showing the optic nerve when someone has glaucoma.