Human rights and social justice

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Welcome to the course "Human Rights and Social Justice" online at wikiversity
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Human Rights and Social Justice

Welcome to the course page on wikiversity. Currently, the course is designed to complement the classroom course being offered by Dr. Sonika Gupta. The online course is NOT a repository of additional reference text for the material that no one will read anyways. It is meant to be a participation based course where the reading assignments given in the classroom can be studied in a collaborative fashion. As the course progresses, we may find more uses of the online course.
You can start by going on to the reading assignments pages that are already there. Remember, this is a wiki. Which means, you can read what others have posted or contribute to the course yourself. What can you contribute to this course? We can discuss that in the classroom.
Why do we need an online course?

There are hundreds of reasons. Well, to start off and give you one - we need to be more active! The reading assignments given in the classroom are there to encourage classroom participation, if we know what the class is talking about, we would be able to chip in with our two cents easily. Ultimately, that is what a class wants - participation!

However, bless us hardworking souls, we never have a reading assignment done before we come to the class. How is this supposed to encourage classroom discussion? Whatever teaching methods are employed to make us more active in the classroom are essentially useless if we don't put in some effort ourselves!

So how does an online course help us in being active?

In more ways than one. Use your imagination and try to find out more uses for this course. For now, we have support pages for all the four reading assignments. When you are reading them, you can make a brief outline of the articles or go through the outlines others have created.

It doesn't make sense that everyone of us struggles in getting the desire to start reading the assignment! If we already have something in our hands, we won't need to start from scratch! Also, you can post quotes, sentences and words from the assignments which you do not fully grasp. This is beneficial for everyone, because we'd then take it as a task to understand them and help you out. Thus, the whole class would be more actively engages in the learning process.

Developing more on this idea.
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Possibilities with the online course

To discuss more about the course or to ask for help on editing here at wikiversity, please add your message on the site discussion page. I understand this page may not be very self explanatory. In case of any confusion or doubt, please open up and ASK on the discussion page. Here is the link again to the site discussion page.

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