Human Legacy Course/Quiz 12

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1 A basic tenet of Hinduism is the belief that...

Devas cannot be portrayed in art.
It is impossible to achieve moksha.
The founder of Hinduism is Vishnu.
Everything in the world is an aspect of Brahman.

2 The concept of karma is best described as...

The sum effect of one’s actions during life.
Being reborn into another life.
The relationship between Rama and Sita.
The continuous pattern of life and death.

3 In Hinduism, a person’s dharma, or set of spiritual duties and obligations is based on...

Their class and station in life.
Bad karma.
Dedication to a deity.

4 The sacred texts of Hinduism include the Vedas, Upanishads and...

The Ganges.
Bhagavad Gita.
The Harappa.

5 Because ahimsa is so important to Jains...

They follow elaborate
Most Jains pursue military
Many Jains collect valuable
Many Jains are vegetarians.