Human Legacy Course/Quiz 10

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1 Which is a true statement about the kingdom of Nubia?

Nubia had few natural resources.
Nubia conquered Egypt during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.
The Nubian people were expert traders, archers, and pottery makers.
The Nubians rejected all Egyptian influences in religion and culture.

2 Farming was almost impossible in Nubia because...

The rocky landscape made agriculture difficult.
The Nile did not flow in Nubia.
Farming tools and technology were not available.
The wrong type of soil existed there.

3 The kingdom of Kush became wealthy as a result of...

Increased trade with Egypt.
An improved irrigation system.
Cutting all ties with the Hyksos people.
An increasingly educated population.

4 The most valuable resource in the Meroitic kingdom was...


5 Which of the following led to the decline of the Meroitic kingdom?

An invasion by the Egyptians.
The demand for new technology.
A dramatic change in climate.
A decline in trade.