How to increase motivation so more extensions can be used at Wikiversity ?

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This learning project is collecting (any) ideas how to increase the motivation so more Mediawiki extensions can be used at Wikiversity.

ideas[edit | edit source]

longterm[edit | edit source]

  • attract more users to WV, so WP will become very small against WV, so extensions will be valued after WV's needs more
  • find a solution to display external pages (e.g. extensions being installed on Sandbox Server) as they are inside WV
  • ...

fun section[edit | edit source]

  • brain wash "them" (e.g. by infiltrating with WV-affiliated person(s), by increasing our own telepathy skills, ...) ?
  • stalk them to find their interests and provide possibilities for them to do more in that area (could money play a role ?, provide more cats? ...)
  • ...

shortterm[edit | edit source]

  • make a nude picture collection/calendar by Wikiversity participants and sell on ebay to get money and publicity (if this idea gets good feedback, let's do this really, no need to show all important body parts, we can also show our naked feet :-))
  • if above idea is not so appreciated by WV participants: make a tattoo on every willing with a slogan, e.g.:
    • "We sacrifice our skin for Mediawiki extensions. What do you do ?"
  • ...

fun section[edit | edit source]

  • gain access to the server farm and install the extensions without anyone noticing (or: select an important person and make a face transplant as this person - to go in and out of the server farm at any time)
  • ...

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