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If it's supposed to kill stuff, don't sniff it.

Laundry[edit | edit source]

Laundry is easier to do if it is sorted as you take it off and throw it into piles (or baskets). Many people sort clothing based on color and durability but it's also useful to take how much you care about the item into consideration.

  • dry clean only(optional) - why did you even buy this? You have to either wash it by hand or take it to someone else that will clean it for you. Do you care that much about your clothing to have to go out of your way to do this?
  • delicates(optional) - this is the pile for things you don't want to get mangled by the machine. This includes includes bras, lingerie, and other things made of lace or thin, mangleable materials. These items are handwash only or can be washed inside a mesh cloth baggie.
  • "darks" - clothing that has been dyed deep/dark colors will usually bleed and stain lighter clothing.
  • "lights" - anything you don't want to turn funny shades of pink or grey.
  • don't care(optional) - Depending on the amount of light vs. dark clothing you have, you may wish to make a "don't care" pile. Things that are light that you don't care about can be stained or bleached, depending on which load(dark or light) has extra space at laundry time.

Technically, if you don't care about any of your clothing, or if you wear nothing but one color and no "special" clothing, it can all go into one pile. Just be careful with the bleach.

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