History of the Ottoman Empire/Establishment of Ottoman State

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Orhan Gazi

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  • The Ottomans next made war with the Byzantine Empire in 1302 and captured a few Byzantine castles and cities.
  • Osman Gazi died in 1324, and his son, Orhan Gazi became sultan.
  • Orhan captured Bursa from the Byzantine Empire in 1326.
  • Murat captured Edirne, Rumelian in 1362 and made it the the capital of the Ottoman State.
  • The Crusader army came in 1364, but were defeated by the Ottomans, who captured more Rumelian castles and cities.
  • The Ottomans entered the Balkans, again facing the Crusaders, who attacked Ottoman cities in the Balkans, including Kosovo, in 1389. The Ottomans won, but Murat was killed.
  • His son, Yıldırım Bayezid then became Sultan of the Ottoman State. By this time, the Ottomans were the strongest state in Anatolia and the Balkans.

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