Historical Information Science

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Historical Information Science is an integrative inter- and transdisciplinary field of study that critically investigates the nature of historical informations, its structure and use and especially asks how secondary use affects present research.

Methods[edit | edit source]

Data is collected, classified and stored in the course of this examination; Yet, the question idea is how modern information technology can be used to process historical data as interchanged objects in time and place and how to link and analyse such data with the aid of computing. HIS, however, is neither exclusively field of Scientific History nor of Information Science but rather a synergetic branch of both; By additionally cooporating with other departments such as Law and Social Science, HIS, as an interdisciplinary cooperation, presents a multidimensional outprint of the "varieties of history".

Topic[edit | edit source]

Its key issue is how to collect, classify, save, re-invastigate and finally display historical data by ever considerating modern storage media. All this is done for the purpose of using (examining, analysing, etc.) historical data in present and also future days.

Subjects[edit | edit source]

Historians at work thoroughly examine historical data and then display the results for both layman (non-experts) and experts. Therefore, historians who are information specialists and also professional historians are highly required.