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hbmp Hilbert Book Model Project S1

In the The base model a set of platforms float over the background parameter space
These platforms carry a symmetry center , which represents a private parameter space

Each symmetry center owns a private sequencing, which determines its symmetry flavor

Symmetry Flavor

sequence binary R/L color charge SM type

0000 R N +0 neutrino

0001 L R -1 down quark

0010 R G -1 down quark

0011 L B -2 up quark

0100 R B -1 down quark

0101 L G -2 up quark

0110 R R -2 up quark

0111 L N -3 electron

1000 R N 0 A_neutrino

1001 L R 1 A_down_quark

1010 R G 1 A_down_ark

1011 L B 2 A_ up quark

1100 R B 1 A_down_quark

1101 L G 2 A_ up quark

1110 R R 2 A_ up quark

1111 L N 3 positron

  • The difference in sequencing symmetry between a floating parameter space
    and the sequencing symmetry of the background parameter space
    defines the symmetry flavor of the platform on which the floating parameter space resides

  • The symmetry flavor determines its symmetry-related charge.

  • The charge locates at the geometric center of the platform and it interacts
    with a symmetry-related field.

  • The symmetry-related charge combines electric charge and color charge.

  • Color charge relates to the dimension in which anisotropy occurs.

  • The electric charge follows from the number of the dimensions
    in which the sequencing symmetries differ.

  • Antiparticles show opposite charge.

  • The electric charges can attract or repel other electric charges.

  • For that reason, they also take part in the binding of modules.

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