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Uploading a Picture to Wikimedia Commons[edit | edit source]

Make sure you can upload it to Wiki

  1. Go to the Wikimedia Commons page and select ‘Upload’ in the upper right hand corner which will take you to the upload wizard page.
  2. Select ‘Select Media Files to Share’ and upload the material.
    1. As explained in Wiki, you can upload any file that is your own work, is created by the government, already has a CC BY license, or the copyright has expired/is in public domain.
    2. Any material with a CC BY license will have something similar to “CC BY 4.0” printed somewhere on the image.
      1. See license sop
    3. You must talk about the canva image permission (if using images in canva).
      1. Physical distancing does not mean socially distancing as example
    4. You must show evidence that you have obtained permission to put it on the internet
  3. Indicate whether or not the file is your own work, and fill out the corresponding information.
    1. If the file is your own work, you have to provide your written permission.
      1. Select the option in the lower right hand corner ‘Use a different license’.
      2. Select ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (the default includes ShareAlike, changing the default license will make it easier to share your work)
    2. If the file is not your own work, you will have to provide: the source, author(s), and the type of license provided. If it involves one of the other categories, you will have to indicate which category it falls under.
  4. Create a title, caption, and description that accurately describes the work. This text will appear by default when using the image in Wiki.
  5. On the same page, under ‘Category’, write “HGAPS”. This serves as a tag and will make the image easier to find.
    1. Also include any other tags that are relevant.
  6. After the file is published, Wikimedia will provide a link for the image as well as a line of code that can be used to insert that image in a Wiki page.

Using a Wikimedia Image[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to Wikimedia Commons and search for your image (or upload your own image).
  2. Once you find the image, select ‘use this file’, found in the toolbar above the image.
    1. Select the option with a ‘W’ to the left of it to use it in a Wiki domain.
    2. A box will appear with a ‘thumbnail’ and an ‘image’ option.
  3. Copy the text under ‘thumbnail’, and paste onto a Wiki page.
    1. The ‘thumbnail’ version of the image will appear smaller and with a caption, as opposed to the ‘image’ version.
  4. To easily adjust the size of the image, use the visual editor (‘edit’), and drag the corners of the image.
    1. You can also use the visual editor to drag the image to different places on the page.
    2. The caption of the image can also be edited this way.