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HGAPS New for Fall 2022: HGAPS and Psychology Conferences
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HGAPS is finding new ways to make psychological science conferences more accessible!

Here are examples from APA 2022 and the JCCAP Future Directions Forum. Coming soon... ABCT!
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I am a student working with SCCAP and MICAMH to try to make the conference more useful for participants and the community. One of the ways that we are doing this is by building web pages that link to resources and materials. We are doing this on Wikiversity, a site run by the same foundation as Wikipedia, but geared towards more technical information.

Why Wiki? Because it is faster to update than other websites, and it allows for the audience to post questions and suggestions, too.

This is building off of a series of grants from SCCP, APS, APA, and SSCAP. This is the first time we are doing this with MICAMH, but we have used the approach with several other conferences successfully (including the Future Directions Forum, the Division 53 program at last year’s APA convention, and some special interest groups at the ABCT).

I am one of two student representatives here on a travel award to work on the project. If you have questions or want more information, you can also email Mian-Li Ong ( or Eric Youngstrom (

Thanks for your excellent contributions to the conference!