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The namespace "Special:" consists of "special pages". These have no corresponding wikitext; they are created by the software on demand. Some depend on the preferences that have been set, e.g. classic or enhanced Recent Changes, and the number of titles in Recent Changes and the watchlist, etc.

Special pages for all users[edit | edit source]

All of the below linked Special pages produce content particular to whatever wiki you are viewing this document on. If you are looking for a list of the available Special pages from a given wiki, use its Special:Specialpages page to get a list, or try viewing the page on this wiki, then editing your web address to change the server name, leaving the page portion intact.

Special pages
Special:Specialpages : A list of all special pages for all users.
All pages
Special:Allpages : Lists all pages in a specified namespace in ASCII order, including redirects (to distinguish redirects, one can set ".allpagesredirect" class in the style sheets); on Wikimedia sometimes temporarily disabled. Both a namespace and a starting page can be specified:
From MediaWiki 1.5 one can also select all namespaces except a specified one. Namespace prefixes are given, but the sort key is the page name without prefix.
All pages with prefix
Special:Prefixindex : Lists all pages of a specified namespace beginning with a given prefix. Useful to find subpages, for example: Special:PrefixIndex/User:Example.
Articles with the fewest revisions
Articles with the most categories
Special:Mostcategories : Lists articles from whose number of categories is largest.
Articles with the most revisions
Special:Mostrevisions : Articles with the most revisions.
Blank Page
Blocked IP addresses and usernames
Special:Ipblocklist : Blocked IPs and usernames
Book sources
Special:Booksources : ISBN Book Sources
Broken redirects
Special:Captcha on projects supporting this feature. Shows "Captcha help."
Special:Categories : shows the number of members, see also Help:DPL.
Special:CategoryTree : displays categories in tree structure.
Cross-namespace links
Special:CrossNamespaceLinks : provides a list of links from a page in the main namespace to a page in other namespaces (except for Special, Talk, Meta and Template namespaces), which are not advisable to use.
Confirm my email address
Dead-end pages
Special:Deadendpages : Pages without any outgoing links.
Disambiguation pages
Special:Disambiguations : shows pages that link to a disambiguation page, which should link to the appropriate topic instead. A disambiguation page is defined as a page on which a disambiguation template is transcluded; a disambiguation template is defined as a template linked from MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage.
Double redirects
Special:DoubleRedirects : lists redirects that redirect to another redirects. May contain false positives.
Expand templates
Special:ExpandTemplates (extension, enabled on Wikimedia sites): Provides an input box to enter wikitext, and another one to enter a page name, and produces expanded wikitext, i.e., templates, parser functions and variables are expanded recursively; variables depending on page name are expanded based on the supplied page name. See also mw:Extension:ExpandTemplates.
Export pages
Special:Export : Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See Help:Export.
External links
Special:Linksearch, see Help:Linksearch
File path
Special:Filepath : returns the complete path for a file.
Special:Imagelist : List of images and other files uploaded that can be sorted by size or date.
Gallery of new files
Log in / create account
Special:Userlogin : Creates new login cookie.
Special:Userlogout : Destroys cookie, see also Privacy policy.
Special:Log : Combined display of various logs. See also below.
Long pages
Special:Longpages - pages in the main namespace, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size
MIME search
Special:MIMEsearch : filters files for its MIME-type.
Most linked-to categories
Special:Mostlinkedcategories : lists categories from whose number of pages contained is largest.
Most linked-to images
Special:Mostimages : lists images from whose number of pages linked is largest.
Most linked-to pages
Special:Mostlinked : lists pages from whose number of pages linked is largest.
Most linked-to templates
Special:Mostlinkedtemplates : lists templates for which the number of pages in which the template is transcluded is largest, not counting transclusions through redirects; how many are listed depends on the settings; e.g. on w: 1000 (currently: templates transcluded in more than 1832 pages)
My page
Special:Mypage : Link to the user page of the user who follows it.
My talk page
Special:Mytalk : Link to the talk page of the user who follows it.
My watchlist
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching. (Watchlist help)
New pages
Special:Newpages : Newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation.
Oldest pages
Special:Ancientpages - pages in the main namespace, with date and time of last edit, in order of last edit.
Orphaned pages
Special:Lonelypages : Orphaned articles i.e. articles with no links to them in the wiki.
Pages without language links
Special:Preferences : Select preferences to customise the appearance and behaviour of the software. For some project families, notably Wikia, this applies for the whole family. See Help:Preferences.
Protected pages
Random page
Special:Randompage : redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter, e. g.: Special:Randompage/Talk, Special:Random/Template.
Random redirect
Special:Randomredirect : redirects to a random redirect pages.
Recent changes
Special:Recentchanges : The latest edits in the project. See Help:Recent changes.
Related changes
Special:Recentchangeslinked : It works only if the target is specified. See Help:Related changes.
Special:Listredirects : lists all redirects.
Short pages
Special:Shortpages - pages in the main namespace, with size (of the wikitext excluding that of templates used) in bytes, in order of increasing size
Special:Statistics : total number of pages and users
System messages
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace.
Uncategorized categories
Uncategorized images
Special:Uncategorizedimages : Images without category tags (note that after adding a tag to a page refreshing this page does not immediately reflects the change)
Uncategorized pages
Special:Uncategorizedpages : Pages without category tags (ditto)
Uncategorized templates
Special:Uncategorizedtemplates : Templates without category tags (ditto)
Unused categories
Unused files
Unused templates
Special:Unusedtemplates - templates which are not transcluded (however, they may be used for substitution))
Upload file
Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki.
User contributions
Special:Contributions : Requires a target user: e. g. Special:Contributions/Jimbo Wales
Special:Listusers : A list of all registered users. There also is Special:Listadmins, which is a redirect toSpecial:Listusers/Sysop. For some project families, notably Wikia, this applies for the whole family.
Special:Version : Shows the version of the software the site is currently running, and a listing of extensions installed
Wanted categories
Wanted pages
Special:Wantedpages : Articles which have been requested / most wanted, specifically those that have at least 2 incoming links, but do not exist.
Wiki matrix
Special:SiteMatrix : list of all projects
What links here
Special:Whatlinkshere : It works only if the target is specified. See Help:What links here.

See also[edit | edit source]

See for further details at w:Help:Special page