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This page is part of the Project boxes project. Please use it for project boxes which don't fit in anywhere else.

Available project boxes[edit | edit source]

Write Appearance Shortcut Uses Notes
Beta.svg Category locator:
Category Help:Miscellaneous project boxes not found
{{Spy}} This template experiments with new features on the category tree system. Place it on category pages with no parameter, or place it on any other page and specify a category using the "cat" parameter. It will display a reverse category tree allowing you to see all the way up the categorisation scheme. Great for category maintenance.
Sociologielogo.png This learning project needs more co-learners. Please join!
Smiley green alien whatface.svg Lost on Wikiversity? Please help by choosing project boxes to classify this resource by:
This template does not categorise the resource at all. It just acts as a user-reminder for use within certain other templates.
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