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How to code icons
with sample icons and sources below.

Coding Icons[edit | edit source]

Adding icons to your pages
You can add icons to pages in many different ways

Method 1
If you want the icon for a typewriter (such as ) then you simply type
[[Image:Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png|32px]]
and this icon will appear in the middle of your text and it will be very tiny because you give the size as 32 pixels.

Method 2
If you want the icon to appear the right of your text, you can simply write
[[Image:Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png|right|128px]]

and you will see the icon to the right of your page.

Method 3
Currently, there is no simple way to get the icon to appear on the left and have the text wordwrap around it.

La Typewritter

Method 4
If you want the icon to appear the right of your text inside a border and with a title, you can simply write
[[Image:Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png|frame|La Typewritter]]

My typewritered

Method 5
For icons which are exactly 128 pixels wide, there is no difference if you specify "thumb" rather than "frame"
[[Image:Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png|thumb|My typewritered]]

Method 6
For more formatting possibilities, you can put the picture inside frames and place it in a limited number of other locations. Also, you can use other formatting options to center the text under the picture, etc.

Sources for icons[edit | edit source]

Storyboard Artwork Project/Stamps → Here are examples:

commons:Crystal Clear → Here are examples:

commons:Nuvola/all → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Tool icons → Here are examples:

commons:Nuvola → Here is an example:

commons:Nuvola/apps → Here is an example:

commons:User:MG/Icones → Here is an example:

commons:category:icons → Here are examples:

commons:Road signs of Sweden → Here are examples:

commons:Traffic sign → Here is an example:

commons:Category:Film icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:music icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:sound icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:PD OpenClipart → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Books icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Logic icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:E-mail icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Computer hardware icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Magnifying glass icons → Here are examples:

commons:Category:Clocks icons → Here are examples:

Misc. →

Category:Icons by subject