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Purpose[edit | edit source]

To determine how much weight the quadcopter will lift.

Materials:[edit | edit source]

Lead shot
Plastic sandwich bags
Double sided tape
Lightweight fishing line
Iphone with app installed

Procedure:[edit | edit source]

1. Ensure that the battery for the quadcopter is fully charged.
2. Gather all needed materials.
3. Create incremental weights using lead shot, plastic bags and the scale.
4. Fold bag with weight to concentrate weight to the smallest possible area.
5. Attach weight to quadcopter outdoor shroud with double-sided tape.
6. Attach equal length pieces of lightweight fishing line to each foot of the quadcopter.
7. Tether the quadcopter to the workbench with the fishing lines.
8. Connect the battery to the quadcopter.
9. Place quadcopter on the workbench.
10. Connect to the quadcopter with the Iphone application.
11. Press the takeoff button.
12. Observe whether or not the quadcopter will lift off of the ground with the added weight.
13. Hit the land button.
14. Record the results.
15. Repeat with incremental weights.

Results:[edit | edit source]

Weight in oz. Weight in grams Lift Achieved?
0 oz. 0g Y
1.0 oz. 28g Y
1.5 oz. 43g Y
2.0 oz. 57g Y
2.5 oz. 71g Y
3.0 oz. 85g Y
3.5 oz. 99g Y
4.0 oz. 114g Y