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Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

The AR Drone has no RC Remote. The team members will individually find ways to fly and power up the helicopter. Dcalderon found Apps through an Android phone but the Apps were not successfully connecting to the AR Drone due to no wifi connectivity establishing with the Drone and devices. Using a PC, we will try to fly the AR Drone using an XBOX Kinect.

Team Members[edit | edit source]


Summary[edit | edit source]

The team is researching ways to fly the AR Drone through multiple pieces of machines. One of the members will try to successfully fly the Drone through an Android powered phone, another will try to fly the Drone through an IPod touch, and lastly another member will try to fly the Drone through a PC.

The First Member ::Dcalderon:

Researched for applications through the Android market to fly the helicopter, an application was found which is called ARDrone Demo which is also free. Next step is to make sure the App will power the helicopter. After learning some of the features of the Drone, wifi connection was configured and successful flight of the Drone. Even though the Android powered the Drone, there is still need to learn how to properly fly the Drone.

The Second Member ::Chaagii:

Found another App through an IPod touch, which is Called A.R Drone free application. After researching some information from online; I found some good source that shows how to control A.R Drone from IPhone and IPod touch. I followed that instruction; however, at the the first and second time I was not able connect my IPod touch to A.R Drone because of wifi. From IPod touch, wifi was unable to see because first A.R Drone should be unpaired. Finally, I was able to figure out all the problems for IPod touch was able to control A.R Drone.

The Third Member ::dkromer:

Configured a wifi connection with the AR Drone and my laptop; absolute connection is still being established. Wifi-connection to the pc was a success by changing the internet properties and configuring internet protocol 4 and changing the SSID numbers according to the drone's connection codes.

Week 1[edit | edit source]

We downloaded some application for IPod Touch and Android. First, we had problems how to connect Ar.Drone from IPod Touch and Android. Therefore, we researched information through online and we found out important information from Ar drone official siteAndroid, All together. After that we followed steps that shown on tutorial, so we was able to control Ar.Drone.

Week 2[edit | edit source]

We tested how to fly A.R Drone from IPod Touch and Android. Also, we discovered how to record video by using Ar.Drone camera from Android, so we recorded some video by using A.R Drone and posted in our personal weekly page.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

We supposed to start to use X-box Kinect to control Ar .Drone, but we had problem with Ar. Drone. When we tried to fly it one of propeller was not working. Some fellow from another group broke AR.Drone propeller, so we tried to fix that propeller. We took some parts of propeller because some parts were loose . After that we put all parts where it should be. Then, we tried to fly Ar.drone and it was working perfectly.

Week 4[edit | edit source]

We have a windows 7 powered PC and we will try to connect an XBOX Kinect to the PC. The Kinect was successfully installed on to the PC, the next step would be to have it working so that it can capture your motions and use it as commands to fly the Drone. We downloaded PC application for Ar. Drone; however, that program not working because in order to use that program we need download Direct X. Every time when we download it, we are having viruses.

Poster[edit | edit source]

We took some pictures of A.R Drone, which is on the right side.

AR Drone Top
AR Drone Bottom
AR AR Drone Battery

Story[edit | edit source]

The Parrot AR drone is part of a new innovative wireless quadricopter, controlled through a cellphone, and recently added android operating systems. The drone broadcasts its own wifi network, and binds itself to the first device it locates. The drone's network has no encryption codes The company, Parrot, was founded by Henri Seydoux in 1994 to enhance the capabilities of mobile cellphone use. The AR drone operates through wifi connection to a cellphone. The drone was initially remote controlled using an Iphone, which was controlled using a camera on the front of the drone. Once the piloting software was manipulated, remote control could be used with android operating systems in cell pones too. The wifi connection that enables the drone to fly also was discovered to work with computers and desktops. Recently, the AR drone wifi connection was modified to be remote controlled using Xbox Kinect, in which one uses their body to control the drone. Quadricopters like the Parrot AR Drone have significantly more stability than regular helicopters, and use a very convenient wireless system.

Decision List[edit | edit source]

Our team think that using Android, Iphone, and Itouch are the easiest way to control AR Drone, because those are easy to figure out and easy to carry it. However, downloading AR Drone programm for PC and MAC are difficult to understand. It takes time to figure out.

Material List[edit | edit source]

- 4 x 15W Electric Brushless Motors (3,500 rpm)
- 4 carbon tube propellers
- VGA (640 x 480) CMOS Camera
- QCIF (176 x 144) High Speed Camera (CMOS)
- Altimeter
-Internal Guidance System:
   - MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)
   - 3 Axis Accelerometer
   - 2 Axis Gyroscope
   - 1 Axis Yaw Precision Gyroscope
-Embedded Computer
   - ARM9 RISC 32bit 468MHz
   - 128MB DDR RAM 
   -Wifi b/g 
   - Linux OS
   - USB Socket
-AR.Drone packaging content:

1 AR.Drone, 1 indoor hull, 1 outdoor hull, 1 battery, 1 charger, 4 mains adapters

Software List[edit | edit source]

-IPod touch4
    - IPod touch 4 32G Version 4.3.1(8G4) 
    - Itunes10- Download A.R Drone free application.
    - Android version 2.2 (or a later version)
    - Download ARdrone Demo application
    - Multitouch function
    - Accelerometer
    - Windows7
    - Download AR.Drone Firmware
    - Download DirectX9 or newer versions
    - Xbox Kinect

Time[edit | edit source]

Week 1

We are spent about 4-5 hours for "Flyers" project(IPod Touch, Android, Computer). Each member spent 2-3 hours outside of class.

Week 2

We are spent 3-4 hours for "Flyers" project(XBox Kinect).

Week 3

We are spent about 5-6 hours for Pc because we were not able to connect Ar. Drone. from Pc.

Week 4

We are spent 2-3 hours due to class cancellation.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

So far this video is the best explanation how to download AR Drone for PC. For IPod touch, IPad, IPhone, Mac, and PC see the instruction how it works instruction)and video how to install AR Drone for PC). There is some instruction for Android Android that you can follow.

Next Steps[edit | edit source]

For the next step we should try to control AR Drone from Xbox or Playstation remote controller. Also, we should try to use wii remote controller if it is possible to use. Also, we are going to use X-box Kinect. I would recommend you to install games to your Itouch, IPad, and IPhone, so you can able to play in virtual world. For the next step, we need to start work on arduino. Also, we had better to find battery that last long. Every-time we had problem with battery because we need to charge two hours just to control 15 minutes. However, Ar.Drone not even last 15 minutes. One idea for batteries would be an old laptop battery or two laptop batteries run in series. Laptop batteries contain a great power to weight ratio.