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The assignments are used to assess the following Intended Learning Outcomes in this subject.

Plan and conduct a session which facilitates learning for a chosen community using relevant health education and cooperative learning theoretical frameworks and practices[edit]

Enabling Outcomes:

  • Identify relevant health education philosophies and principles;
  • Demonstrate familiarity with, and critically analyse, models of behaviour change applicable to health education and health promotion planning;
  • Plan and document an educational session suitable for a specified group; and,
  • Facilitate cooperative learning within a group in supportive environments and settings.

Develop the knowledge and skills required to enable people within a variety of settings to identify and attain critical aspirations and facilitate cooperative learning within the group taking account of their specific learning needs and cultural characteristics[edit]

Enabling Outcomes:

  • Account for participant diversity and differences in terms of learning and teaching preferences and styles;
  • Examine and apply knowledge of societal values in planning and implementing health education and health literacy approaches; and
  • Demonstrate health education and group facilitation skills and knowledge specifically tailored to consider cultural, gender, age, socio-economic status and other differences.

Critically appraise various approaches to health education development through groups in terms of their ability to support a ‘salutogenic approach’[edit]

Enabling Outcomes:

  • Consider and choose options for evaluating health education and health literacy activities;
  • Analyse relevant literature and health education strategies to determine suitability for use to facilitate and evaluate your own practice; and,
  • Reflect critically on your own health education and health literacy experiences, attitudes and practices so as to improve your own experience of continuous learning and to support that of others.

Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and practical issues related to securing funding for ‘strengths-based’ health literacy and health education projects or programs and devise arguments incorporating this understanding into a ‘request for funding’ proposal[edit]

Enabling Outcomes:

  • Articulate a 'strengths-based' argument supported by relevant World Health Organization documents;
  • Develop relevant responses to funding submissions focusing on ethnicity-based issues and concerns;
  • Develop relevant responses to funding submissions focusing on gender-based issues and concerns; and,
  • Propose relevant responses to funding submissions focusing on class-based issues and concerns.