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Your team is to facilitate an activity with a group

The aim of this assignment is to develop your skills in working with a team to plan and facilitate a group activity, explain that activity using a program logic narrative, conduct a self analysis of your team and your performance, and participate in and assess other team's activities. These skills and processes are not only invaluable to a community public health professional tasked with health education, they are also very useful in many other professions.

Form a small team and use Alice Macpherson's guide for Instructors to select, prepare and facilitate an activity with a larger group. You will participate in and evaluate the activities that other teams facilitate. Your team will facilitate 3 activities over the course of the subject, and produce a plan and an explanation and evaluation for each.

You will be assessed based on a self-evaluation, a team and class evaluation, a facilitator evaluation and your participation in other team's activities.

This assignment equivalent to 500 words. It is due periodically throughout the subject on advice from your tutor. Assessment comprises 15% of your overall mark in this subject.


  1. Form a project team (<5 people) and complete the Cooperative Learning Contract. Your team contract should be completed before your team facilitates its second group activity.
  2. One page activity plan
  3. One page explanation for the activity, using a program logic narrative
  4. A self-evaluation, a team and class evaluation and a facilitator evaluation using this evaluation sheet
  5. Regular participation in other team's activities


Your tutors will demonstrate this assignment in the first 2 tutorials for the subject. Below are copies of their activity plan, explanation using program logic narrative, and an evaluation of their activity.

  • Plan forthcoming
  • Explanation forthcoming
  • Evaluation forthcoming