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When an Agent, with no specific physical property, is trapped in an environment, it will respond in a certain fashion dictated by the constraints of the environment. Consider, for example, a particle in a box of length, L discussed in any elementary modern physics class. The agent must be absent on the edges of the box, ( its wave function vanishes at the locations of the edges), but is otherwise free in the box. It can also pick any of the allowed discrete energies determined by the parameter of the constraint, namely, L. The environment dictates the existence of the particle. The dimension of the box can only specify the location and energy of the particle. It is somewhere in the box of side L, with some specific energy depending on L. The governing equation that is a common knowledge in modern science called the Schrödinger equation. In other words, there is a governing law ( Shrodinger equation ) and some boundary conditions ( say, do not be on the boundaries ) dictated by the environment. If the particle is willing to exist, it must obey the law and the constraint of the environment.

According to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, finiteness of space-time leads energy-momentum of the agent. In other words, space-time causes the existence and the energy of the agent. It is commonly believed, in the scientific community, that the space-time itself is dynamic ( see Einstein's General relativity and Loop quantum gravity ). It is not the stage for the agent to exist and behave in. It is also believed that the agent has a physical property, its mass, because it is in the Higgs field.

It is reasonable to believe that there is only one kind of Agent as the building block of everything and one kind of Field with many different components. Different superpositions of these components leads to the existence of different agents. Also, different superpositions of these components leads to different physical properties of an agent. In other words, in the absence of the Field nothing exists. Different elementary particles with different physical properties are the same unique Agent in different superpositions of the Field components ( which form a complete set ).

What is the Agent? What is the Field? What is the governing Law? Answers to these questions lead to the Theory of Everything! To start, it is logical to propose that the dynamical Space-Time is the source of everything. The law governing the dynamic of Space-Time is the governing LAW ( Einstein Equation is an approximation to the LAW; a quantum mechanical version of the equation developed in Quantum gravity is a better approximation ). In short, the Universe Behaves by a LAW. Any thing which does not follow the Law is forced to be non-existent. Everything that happens in the Universe, means the LAW is obeyed, hence is just. There is no injustice. Lack of justice means not obeying the LAW which means non-existence.