Haitian Creole/Vocabulary Review/Answer Key

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Personal pronouns[edit | edit source]

Name the five personal pronouns, long and short forms.

Singular Plural
Long form Short form Long form Short form
First person mwen m nou n
Second person ou w
Third person li l yo y

Matching[edit | edit source]

Match the words on the left with the words/pictures on the right.

  1. mo f
  2. chalè h
  3. machin l
  4. vwazen b
  5. fanmi e
  6. kravat k
  7. cheve i
  8. travay c
  9. peyi d
  10. kouto j
  11. mwa a
  12. nèj g
  1. month
  2. neighbour
  3. work
  4. country
  5. family
  6. word
  7. snow
  8. heat
  9. hair
  10. knife
  11. k.

Translation[edit | edit source]

Creole to English[edit | edit source]

Give the meaning.

  1. Kay House(s)
  2. Dlo Water
  3. Manje (give two meanings) Food or eat
  4. Bonjou Good morning
  5. Kijan ou rele? What is your name?
  6. Kèk moun Some people
  7. Yon timoun A child
  8. Kay yo The houses or their house(s)

English to Creole[edit | edit source]

Give the word. The only word that must be capitalized is Ayiti.

  1. Thing bagay
  2. Haitian Creole kreyòl ayisyen
  3. English angle
  4. This thing bagay sa (a)
  5. Thank you mèsi
  6. The thing I make bagay mwen/m fè a
  7. Haiti Ayiti
  8. Haitian ayisyen