Haitian Creole/Pronunciation/Answer Key

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Pronunciation activity[edit | edit source]

Pronunciations are in IPA. If it sounds the same as English, it's wrong.

  • an /ã/
  • animal /aniˈmal/
  • bay /baj/
  • chase /ʃaˈse/
  • kite /kiˈte/
  • men /mɛ̃/
  • oral /oˈɰal/
  • pale /paˈle/
  • prepare /pɰepaˈɰe/

Spelling[edit | edit source]

Identify whether the following words might be words that are spelled correctly in the standard orthography of Haitian Creole.

  • bann Yes. It means "group". There are two n’s because one of them is part of the digraph an indicating /ã/ and the other makes the sound /n/.
  • continan No. The letter c only occurs in the combination ch.
  • édé No. The letter é is not used in the standard orthography, although it might be in other orthographies.
  • konsèy Yes. It means "advice".
  • septanm Yes. It means "September".
  • shase No. The combination sh is meaningless in the standard orthography. The letter h is very rarely used outside of the digraph ch.