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GroupTable is a web-based resource for students of all levels. It offers collaborative software designed to help student groups manage their group projects, student organizations, or study groups more efficiently. GroupTable has several features that helps these groups be more productive:

  • To-do Lists: Each group has a to-do list feature that allows them to assign tasks and enter deadlines to keep their group on track.
  • Binder: An online storage unit that each group and individual user has to store, share and organize word documents, spread sheets, presentations and other files.
  • Chat Room: Each group member has an online chat room to allow them to meet in real time
  • Discussion Board: A private group discussion board allows group members to contribute to group conversations when it is convenient for them.
  • Events: Group members can list upcoming events to keep everyone in the group updated.

GroupTable was founded by David Brim, Carl Henderson and Scott Wall at the University of Central Florida and their beta was launched in February, 2008. GroupTable won UCF's business plan competition and went on to place as finalists in the US national Nascent500 Business Plan Competition.

On initial review of this software, it is unclear what costs or conditions of use are involved or what the licensing is for the software.