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The Graduate Admissions Examine comes in a variety of flavors.

There is the general test, and then different sub tests like engineering, computer science, psychology, etc.

This is a page for helping Wikiversity participants prepare for GREs.

If you want to attend graduate school, at least in America, you will probably have to take the GRE.

There are variety of reasons to attend graduate school. In graduate studies you will cover a topic in much greater depth than in high school, or undergraduate studies. You can also have a chance to do research.

If you are passionate about something, that is the best reason to attend graduate school. However, there are many other reasons.

Money is one. Statistically, people who attend graduate school make more money than those who do not. They also have greater flexibility in what they can do to earn a living.

There are several ways to do well on the GRE. The underlying principle to all these methods is to know the material. You can know the material through dilligent study. This can be dilligent study in college, or you can dilligently study books on the GRE. They sell practice GRE tests for around 20-40 dollars. They have classes on the GRE that cover all the material too.

Grades are important to getting into graduate school, so if you study hard, and get good grades, chances are you will be more prepared than not to take and succeed on the GRE.

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