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The intersect tool in ArcGIS is a way to merge layers together. Features inside of your layers that overlap can be merged into one shape with the help of the intersect tool. The main use is when trying to intersect geometric features. One important thing to keep in mind when intersecting features is to make sure they are simple features such as point, multipoint, line, or polygon. When selecting your input features make sure you keep in mind that the output feature class will be the same as the lowest dimension geometry of the input features you selected. (Ex. If you have two input features one is point and the other is polygon the output feature class will be in point)

How to get to intersect tool: Open ArcMAP and go to the Catalog viewer. Toolboxes -> System Toolboxes -> Analysis Tools -> Overlay -> Intersect.

Once you have the Intersect tool opened select the Input Features you want to intersect and then make sure you save it to the right folder and give it a name for the Output Feature Class.