Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies

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If you are knowledgable about any of the courses listed below, or about other topics, your help would be extremely appreciated if you make a contribution.

Please do not delete courses. Instead, try to add a course if you would like it to be offered or if you would like to offer it.


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100-Level Courses

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GSC 101 - Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

GSC 102 - Cultural Studies/Introduction to Cultural Studies

200-Level Courses

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GSC 201 - Introducing Queer Theory

GSC 202 - Feminism and Queer Theory: Theorizing Gender and Sexuality

GSC 203 - Feminist Perspectives on Trans Issues

300-Level Courses

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GSC 301 - Key Thinkers in Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies

- Module A: Judith Butler: Ethics, Politics, Subjects

GSC 302 - Key Debates in Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Studies

- Module A: Sexuality, Futurity and Sociality


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