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These instructions are designed for GarageBand 3 plus the sounds of a symphony orchestra.
GarageBand is easy and fast yet powerful enough to do film scoring.
Please, tell me if you find anything as good!

This course in music and filmmaking is:
Film scoring introduction for filmmakers
This lesson is:
Lesson #2 - Using rhythm to create moods with GarageBand and the sounds of a symphony orchestra
The pages in this lesson are:
Lesson Summary: Creating moods with rhythm using GarageBand with symphony orchestra
Page 2: Creating the sound of joy with GarageBand and symphony orchestra sounds - 6 points
Page 3: Creating additional moods for motion pictures with rhythm - 6 points
Creating the sound of joy

Part 1

1. Start a new project
Start a new project file in GarageBand.

2. Add a track

I like to keep the top track as a piano. So create a new track with a virtual instrument.

3. Select an instrument

Select the virtual software instrument that you think will sound best for the sound of joy.

2. Pick four or five notes

Using the pencil tool, add four short notes very short notes. Remember: you cannot add any notes until you add a region. This is one of the few awkward moments in GarageBand.

4. Adjust the velocity

Select each of the notes and adjust the velocity of the note. Sometimes is it good to have the first note slightly louder than the other notes.

5. Repeat the notes

You can repeat the region. I prefer simply to extend the region and add all the notes by hand. Then I have more control.
This is not difficult since you just select all the notes and hold the option key down while you drag a copy of them to the correct location.

Part 2

2. Save the file

Save the project file.

3. Send me your results

Once you are happy with your sound of fear, send me the project file. Done!

Advanced techniques

In the exercise above, you used on only one track in GarageBand. If you wish, you can try to create additional tracks to enhance your sound of joy.

Option 1 · Add other voices

The tiny bells give you a feeling of joy. You can enhance this with other sounds. The easiest is to add another instruments playing the same notes very slowly while the bells play in the background.

Option 2 · Add an audio sound effect

Programs like GarageBand allow you to mix music with ordinary audio files (sound effects from a sound effect library.) Pick a pleasant sound effect and combine it with your bells. Perhaps the chirping of a bird.

The Next Page

Once you have sent me your project file for creating the "Sound of Joy", you can try to create other moods using delicate rhythms with GarageBand.

Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this film scoring class is Robert Elliott.
You can email me by clicking here.