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In the early 21'st century, a new arena began emerging in technology. The integration of multiple functions that have in the past been confined to individual devices, into a single device. Simply put, one gadget that can perform the job of multiple devices. Until recently, the only machine capble of handling such tasks was the personal computer and computing technology. However, as more and more advances in the technological field were pioneered, items like CD/MP3/DVD players, PDA's and even camera phones began to emerge. Today, such devices are commonplace and not so much a marvel as before. Almost all cellular phones made today have some multi-tasking component integrated into their functionality, with more and more being added each year. Perfect examples of these advanced phones would be the p990, from (Sony Ericsson), which along with the Motorolas Blackberry Phone, was one of the very first PDA/Camera/MP3/Internet devices on the commercial market in the US. Of course, advancements such as these were already made in countries like Japan and Europe, thus are not so much of a surprise to their cultures. However, in the US, technology such as this is still relatively new and extremely costly as well, which is one of the few disadvantages to such devices.

Is the iPhone a music player, video viewer, web browser, GPS, telephone or PDA? The Apple company would answer "yes".

Where will the convergence of media and media management devices (and perhaps everything in society) end? What else can be "converged" after the iPhone? Why are things converging? What, in our society, has not converged and probably never should?