Future media class/Emerging Technologies: Preparing For The Next Job Market

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In his best seller "The World is Flat", Thomas Friedman states that "anything that can be defined by a set of procedures or formulas, and anything that can be accomplished in cheaper in another country will be outsourced - if it hasn't happened already". There are things we can do to prepare ourselves for this outsourcing of jobs is affecting every profession and the "flattening" of our world.

If we can learn to think like "designers", rather than piggy banks for information we safeguard our own futures. With the advent of the internet, portable devices and powerful search engines, piggy bank employees are being outsourced. There is no indication that artificial intelligence, or any other technology, will ever be able to compete with the creative intelligence of humans. For self preservation, how do we cultivate our own creative potential to a marketable level?

As a result of outsourcing and other disruptive trends in modern society, it will be important to realize what it takes to be successful in the future job market. In the past, talented individuals who were willing to work hard and be honest would end up on top. That will change. From now on, it will be the rule breakers and the innovators, the creative people who can figure out new ways to write the rules who will be successful.