Fundamentals of Neuroscience

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Welcome to the Fundamentals of Neuroscience course at Wikiversity! This course provides a general introduction to the most essential principles of neuroscience, from neuron to perception, intended to give a strong foundational understanding of the human brain and nervous system so that this foundation can be expanded on by more advanced topics like those found elsewhere in Topic: Neuroscience.


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A Chimpanzee brain
A Chimpanzee brain

Conceptual Overviews:

Focused Topics:

Senses and Movement:


In addition, these supplemental lessons, which cover more technical topics, may be of interest:


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References and Resources

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  • Topic: Neuroscience includes a wide variety of wikipedia and wikiversity topics
  • The Human Brain Book, by Rita Carter, contains many great overviews that are similar in complexity level to these lessons
  • Brain Facts, published by the Society for Neuroscience, is a very good free resource, covering a broad array of neuroscience topics at a comfortable depth
  • Neuroscience Online is a useful free-access and highly detailed textbook offered through the UTH Medical Center website.
  • Biology, by Campbell and Reece, has well-written but fairly short chapters on many relevant topics, plus offers a firm grounding for those struggling with the biology aspects of the course
  • Robert Sapolsky's Human Behavioral Biology lecture series, which can be found free online, is highly informative and entertaining, although hovers in difficulty level at an intermediate or slightly greater range
  • Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, by Bear, Connors, and Paradiso is an excellent source of information at an advanced college level