Frightmare City (comic book)

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Frightmare City
Publication information
Publisher UCM
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
  • Crime/Horror
Publication date October 2019 –
No. of issues Ongoing
Creative team
Created by AC Turner
Written by AC Turner
  • Fabio Alves
  • Toni Doya
  • Marcos Lima
  • Fabio Alves
  • Toni Doya
  • Marcos Lima
  • AC Turner

Frightmare City is a Canadian crime/horror comic book series created by writer AC Turner. It is an anthology series based on "Welcome To Fear City", a long forgotten pamphlet distributed by the New York City Police Department. In the pamphlet, a Hooded Death's Head warned readers to "Stay away from New York" as authorities grappled with uncontrollable violence that left the city teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Using "Welcome To Fear City" , as a baseline, AC Turner crafted his own nightmarish version of New York. A city where crimes are perpetrated and punished each in their own horrible way.

Tag line: "Never ride the subway. Never leave midtown Manhattan. Stay inside after dark - no matter what!"

First issued in 2019 by publisher UCM, the comic is written by AC Turner with art by Fabio Alves (issue No. 1), Toni Doya (issue No. 2) and Marcos Lima (issue No. 3).