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French II, lesson 4

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Simple Future in French is a tense to talk about future. In French people don't use a modal verb like will but a real tense.

Formation: Verb's infinitive + conjugation form :

je parler + -ai I will talk

tu parler + -as You will talk

il/elle/on parler + -a He/she/it will talk

nous parler + -ons We will talk

vous parler + -ez You will talk

ils/elles parler + -ont They will talk

Example[edit | edit source]

First verb group (Verb with -er end)[edit | edit source]

chanter (to sing)

je chanterai

tu chanteras

il chantera

nous chanterons

vous chanterez

ils chanteront

Second verb group (Verb with -ir end)[edit | edit source]

finir (to end)

je finirai

tu finiras

il finira

nous finirons

vous finirez

ils finiront

Third verb group (Verbe with -re /- oir end)[edit | edit source]

lire (to read)

je lirai

tu liras

il lira

nous lirons

vous lirez

ils liront

Verbs which end is -re- loose their last "e" in the simple past.

irregular Form[edit | edit source]

avoir (to have)

j’ aurai

tu auras

il aura

nous aurons

vous aurez

ils auront

être (to be)

je serai

tu seras

il sera

nous serons

vous serez

ils seront

acheter (to buy) -> j'achèterai

aller (to go) -> j'irai

apercevoir (to make out) -> j'apercevrai

s'asseoir (to sit) -> je m'assiérai

courir (to run) -> je courrai

devenir (to become) -> je deviendrai

devoir (must) -> je devrai

s'ennuyer (to bore) -> je m´ennuierai

envoyer (to send) -> j'enverrai

jeter (to throw) -> je jetterai

falloir (to need) -> il faudra

faire (to do) -> je ferai

pleuvoir (to rain) -> il pleuvra

pouvoir (to can) -> je pourrai

recevoir (to receive) -> je recevrai

savoir (to know) -> je saurai

se souvenir (to remenber) -> je me souviendrai

tenir (to hold) -> je tiendrai

valoir (to earn sbd smth) -> je vaudrai

venir (to come) -> je viendrai

voir (to see) -> je verrai

vouloir (to want) -> je voudrai (NB: It's not the same as "je voudrais = I would " )

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