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is the sample valid? -That is, has the style of the writing been affected by any external influences? Eg., an uneven writing surface; an awkward writing position; or written on the move (in a car or train,etc.). You cannot analyse a sample that is not reliable. For the purpose of checking slope and coverage it is more difficult to analyse samples that have been written on lined paper.

size -There are many aspects to the size of writing and alone it doesn’t indicate many things. Size (and especially the relative size of letter parts) needs to be considered along with other factors. There are some simple indicators however.Small writing is generally a strong indicator of a detailed, technical personality. Large rounded and dominant central case letters indicate a friendly and sociable personality.

letter-word slope - Is there a consistent slope to the letters and therefore the words in the sample? Check by drawing lines through the up and downward strokes. Backwards slopes indicate an introverted personality; forward slopes are extraverted. Upright strokes indicate a personality who is motivated by factors other than people, (ie neither extrovert nor introvert). The degree of slope reflects the degree of extraversion or introversion. The degree of consistency of the slope(ie parallel strokes) indicates the degree of emotional consistency.

line slope - Writing which rises to the right shows optimism and cheerfulness.Sagging to the right shows physical or mental weariness.(This applies to signatures sloping-downwards also.)

flow - One of the essential indicators, but like any other factornot to be used on its own. Generally, restraint is indicated every time the pen leaves the paper, and the converse applies. Gushing, eager, impulsive people have a more continuous flow of writing. Flowing writing has linked letters and sometimes linked words. Thoughtful, considered people will havefewer linked letters and no linked words. Artistic and conceptual people who like space and time around them will often have completely separated letters. (It follows that pressure at school on some children to ‘write joined-up’ - because the common view is that to do otherwise is ‘not grown-up’ - is unnatural and often counter-productive. In any event continuity of flow does not correlate to intelligence.)

spacing -Space between words indicates social attitude to others. Close words are a sign of sociability. Large spaces between words indicate the person is comfortable alone, and may even distrustothers. Spacing between letters shows artistic spatially aware character, (artists, etc.)

decoration and distortion - Don’t confuse the two. Decoration is intended;distorted is malformed and unintentional. Both are different to unfinished letters,which is a different indicator. Decoration is generally a sign that the writer wishes to be noticed more than he or she is at present. Malformed letters indicate a variety of things which must be dealt with individually. Unfinished words can be a sign of intelligence and impatience.