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This player brief is given to the Social player/team in Forbidden Kingdom (Strategic Simulation).

Consultative Legislatures - Social Brief[edit | edit source]

Year 1[edit | edit source]

Internet Access

  • Freer access will give voice to public concerns in many arenas, which will be beneficial. Some cost in face and authority status can be expected, but wealth and popular mood should improve markedly. Oppose Party position.(Choice B)

Private Property Rights: Investigate Corruption and Restore Lands

  • Investigations are a good thing. Support Party Line (Choice A)

Year 2[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Energy: Fix Location for Highly Enriched Waste (HEW) Facility

  • Best of bad choices regarding waste disposal. Support Party Line (Choice A)

People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN): Fleet Modernization

  • Money could be better spent on education and other social concerns. Oppose initiative. (Choice B)

Year 3[edit | edit source]

Independence Referendum Passes on Taiwan

  • Seeking reconciliation is a good thing. Support Party Line (Choice A)

Currency: Basket of Funds

  • There is a risk of public outrage over price hikes if floating currency causes inflation. Oppose this initiative. (Choice B)