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This player brief is given to the Government player/team in Forbidden Kingdom (Strategic Simulation).

Consultative Legislatures - Government Brief[edit | edit source]

Year 1[edit | edit source]

Internet Access

  • Limited access provides control needed in society. Support Party Line (Choice A)

Private Property Rights: Investigate Corruption and Restore Lands

  • Government officials feel challenged by these investigations. Oppose them. Popular mood will be unaffected. (Choice B)

Year 2[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Energy: Fix Location for Highly Enriched Waste (HEW) Facility

  • This plan removes waste from populated areas. Support Party Line (Choice A)

People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN): Fleet Modernization

  • While we’d like to support the military infrastructure, this money is needed in the provinces for important development projects. (Choice B)

Year 3[edit | edit source]

Independence Referendum Passes on Taiwan

  • Reconciliation of the dispute with Taiwan will be useful. The cities and provinces will suffer greatly if confrontation with the West develops further. Support Party Line (Choice A)

Currency: Basket of Funds

  • Local governments are worried that a floating currency will provoke rapid price hikes of staples and cause food riots and other public outcries. The central bank should continue to control the currency. (Choice B)