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This page is a sub link from the Football (soccer) page. It teaches the user how to play football as the goal keeper, as it requires unique skills to the ones of the other players.

Aim of the goalkeeper[edit | edit source]

The aim of the goalkeeper, is to stop the ball from entering the goal, which can be shot at by any player of the opposition team, from entering the goal. The goalkeeper is allowed to use any way possible to stop it. Goalkeepers need good agility, awareness and strength. They do not have an effect on the offside rules. But can still be penalised. They could even score, if the goalkeeper fails to stop the ball.

Goalkeeping techniques[edit | edit source]

  1. Grab - The Goalkeeper can grab or snatch the ball if it comes near. They often do it if the ball is not evalated and not very fast. It is a basic move
  2. Dive - The diving technique is recommended for high shooting fast balls. The goalkeeper dives in the appropiate direction upwards in order to push the ball outwards. It is for very advanced keepers often enough.
  3. The boot - If an unguarded ball comes towards the goalkeeper, or a ball at a very low speed. They can boot it upwards away from the goal towards the other half of the pitch.

Goal kicking and movement[edit | edit source]

If a shot of the ball from the other team misses the goal in their shoot. Its a goal kick, the goal keeper gets a kick with the ball freely, and must pass it to the other team members by either foot, or by throwing it. Note, the goalkeeper cannot pick the ball up outside of their box. If they do that, it causes a free kick.