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This project is intended to host links to other relevant projects, in hopes of fostering serious study of the subject, "Creativity". I will be using my explorations for "The School of Wikiversity Studies" to seek, find, and catalog such other relevant projects.

I intend to promote wider use and participation in the Wikiversity, and to make it easier for students and contributors to find materials already existing in the Wikis. Although new material which encourages Wikiversity users to participate in "Folk Art" at a "grass roots" level will be welcome here, it may be more appropriately placed in some more suitable department of one of the long-established schools, with only a link from this Department for reference purposes.

A Project[edit | edit source]

I am currently sharing "Folk Art" -- artistic projects almost anyone can successfully complete -- at the Caroline County (Maryland) Senior Center. Here is a pattern for one such project, a personalized, custom-designed beaded belt for Agnes, one of the staff members of the Senior Center. I designed "Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream" especially for her, because she likes people enough to work for us, but I am hopeful that this belt will also make a very appropriate, popular "fashion statement" among the people who frequent the Senior Center.

Pattern for Beaded Belt

designed by Ray Calvin Baker (talk) 20:41, 5 October 2012 (UTC) Look for the "enlargement" button! You may download, copy, and edit the file for yourself, using the PAINT.EXE program.

This project requires:
A hobbyist bead loom,
A needle with eye large enough for the thread,
Suitable thread or string (I use crochet thread; but carpet thread works too, and is very strong and durable), and
A supply of plastic beads (3 by 4 millimeter "Pony" beads) in assorted colors,
PATIENCE, and good hand-eye coordination.

Further instructions will follow in this space, after I get some feedback from the people with whom I am sharing these projects.

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