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Flashcards for Java Keywords. Initial definitions from the Wikipedia for Java keywords as pointed to in Lesson 2 of the Wikiversity introductory Java course. Please do not change them without a clear understanding that there is an error present. Consider discussing the error with others either here or at Wikipedia prior to changing the definitions here on the master flashcard file. Forking and tailoring is encouraged if you wish to personalize the definitions.

If you prefer to study a glossary style presentation see the definitions at Wikipedia for Java keywords.

Another set of Java Flashcards is available that provides the keyword and challenges you to think of the conceptual definition before checking the answer. More Java keyword flashcards

Read the definitions and then decide the appropriate Java Keyword. Click Expand for the Java keyword for the concept defined to appear.

Used to declare a field, method or inner class as a class field. Classes maintain one copy of class fields regardless of how many instances exist of that class. static also is used to define a method as a class method. Class methods are bound to the class instead of to a specific instance, and can only operate on class fields. (Classes and interfaces declared as static members of another class or interface are actually top-level classes and are not inner classes.)

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