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This unit standard is for people who are currently working, or intend to work, in jobs which require recruitment and selection of staff, but do not have responsibility for releasing staff.

People credited with this unit standard are able to determine criteria for recruitment and selection, and recruit and select people for jobs.

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Learning support and accreditation[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

Plan recruitment and selection of staff.[edit | edit source]

Recruitment and selection plan specifies criteria for position(s), meets organisation objectives, and takes account of market conditions.

criteria - competences, attributes. Consideration of internal candidates who meet criteria is based on available data and organisation's planned resource requirements.

available data include one or more of - identified competence, career path, previous performance evidence, training and development needs.

Identified requirements for external recruitment are within budgetary guidelines, and authorisations are obtained within scheduled timeframe.

Position descriptions, person specifications, and selection criteria are developed and are consistent with identified needs.

Recruitment and selection plan includes expertise from other persons within or outside organisation, and options for use of external agents are investigated, costed, reported, and justified.

Selection criteria avoid partiality or bias and do not artificially exclude applicants otherwise competent to do job.

Recruit talent - train the skill.

Recruit staff.[edit | edit source]

Recruitment process complies with recruitment and selection plan and with organisational requirements.

Choice of recruitment media is based on quality, service, and cost effectiveness relevant to position(s) to be filled, and accessibility to suitably qualified candidates.

Barriers to equal employment opportunities in recruitment process are identified and removed.

Select staff.[edit | edit source]

Procedures for screening, short listing, preliminary and final interviewing of candidates comply with equal employment opportunity and organisational requirements.

procedures may include but are not limited to - interviewing methods and skills, reference assessment and checks, selection tests.

Evidence is required for at least two different procedures.

Candidates are assessed against agreed specified criteria and selection choice is justified from evidence gathered.

evidence gathered may include but is not limited to - applications, CVs, references, previous performance evidence, test results, assessment interview schedules.

Evidence is required for at least three sources of evidence.

Selection recommendations and identified future potential of selected candidates are communicated to authorised individuals in agreed format and timeframe.

Information on selection decisions provided to candidates is accurate and is received by candidates at completion of each stage of selection process.

Documentation relating to selection and employment of staff is complete, protects employee's and employer's legal rights, and complies with organisational requirements.

employee's and employer's rights - meets statutory requirements, does not compromise legal termination of employment at a later date, consistent with legislation.

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