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Learning Objectives[edit | edit source]

Terminal Objective: Given a specific topic, assemble course materials so that the lesson plan, all materials, resources and equipment needed to deliver the lesson are obtained.

Enabling Objectives:

Student must know:

  • Components of a lesson plan
  • Policies and procedures for the procurement of materials and equipment
  • Availability of resources

Terminal Objective: Given policies, procedures, and forms, prepare training records and report forms so that required reports are accurately completed and submitted in accordance with the procedures.

Enabling Objectives:

Students must know:

  • Types of records and reports required
  • Policies and procedures for processing records and reports
  • Basic report writing and record completion

Instructional Outline[edit | edit source]

(Skills sheet:Program Management-001)

Prior to beginning this section, the students should have read Chapters 1,2,3 of IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 6th Edition.

Policies and Procedures for Procurement[edit | edit source]

Resource Availability[edit | edit source]

Types of Records and Reports[edit | edit source]

An excellent resource for teaching this component is NFPA 1401

Processing Records and Reports[edit | edit source]

Basic Report Writing[edit | edit source]

Reference:Writing in Business