Fire and emergency management/Fire service instructor I/Cognitive Applications/Instructional Development 001

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Practical Evaluation: FI1-002


Materials Provided: None

Materials Needed: Powerpoint, chalkboard, preprinted lesson plans, and podium

Instructions: Given the materials provided the student shall give a 15 minute presentation on an assigned topic. The topics will be chosen at random and the student will be assigned them the first day of class.

THIS IS A PASS / FAIL EVOLUTION - The student will be permitted three (3) attempts. The student must score at least 70% on one (1) of the three (3) attempts after any deductions are made. On any failed attempt the student must start their next attempt from the beginning of the evolution as per instructions from the Evaluator. If after the third (3rd) attempt the student still has not received a minimum score of 70%, this evolution is recorded as a failure and student must see the Program Coordinator or Director before continuing with any other evolution.

Reference: NFPA 1041 Chapter 2

Practical Evaluation: FI1-002


Student Name: __________________________________________________________

Social Security Number: __________________________________________________

Date: _______________ Evaluation Score: Passed _____ Fail _____

Maximum Criteria 5

Minimum Criteria 4

Total Criteria Achieved


Provides an introduction to include: an established need to know, defined objectives, outlined main points ___Pass ___Fail

Expresses knowledge of subject, terminology, language and vocabulary ___Pass ___Fail Expresses delivery well through composure, eye contact, gestures and enthusiasm. ___Pass ___Fail

Effective use of teaching aids ___Pass ___Fail

Expresses teaching qualities through personality, appearance, voice, preparedness, logical sequence, and time use. ___Pass ___Fail

Evaluator’s Name: ________________________________________________________