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The duty involves administering a comprehensive risk management program, according to the following job performance requirements.

Learning Objectives:[edit | edit source]

Terminal Objective: Given specific data, maintain, develop, and provide leadership for a risk management program, so that injuries and property damage accidents are reduced.

Enabling Objective:

  • Describe risk management concepts
  • Describe the departmental retirement qualifications
  • Describe the occupational hazards analysis
  • Describe the disabilities procedures, regulations, and laws
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze data
  • Demonstrate the ability to use evaluative methods

Leadership for Risk Management[edit | edit source]

Risk Management Concepts[edit | edit source]

Retirement Qualifications[edit | edit source]

Occupational Hazards Analysis[edit | edit source]

Disability Procedures[edit | edit source]

Regulations and Laws[edit | edit source]

Oral and Written Communications[edit | edit source]

Data Analysis[edit | edit source]

Evaluative Methods[edit | edit source]