Fire and emergency management/Fire instructor II/Program management

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Terminal Objective- Schedule instructional sessions, resources, staff, facilities, and timeline for delivery

Enabling Objective • Understand departmental policy • Scheduling processes • Supervision techniques • Resource management

Terminal Objective- Formulate budget needs given, training goals, budget policy, current resources, so that the resources meet training goals are identified and documented

Enabling Objective • Agency budget policy • Resource management • Needs analysis • Sources of instructional materials • Equipment

Terminal objective- Acquire training resources given, an identified need, timelines, budget constraints, agency policy Enabling Objective • Agency policy • Purchasing policy • Budget management • Forms completion

Terminal Objective- Coordinate training record keeping given, training forms, departmental policy, and training activity, so that all agency and legal requirements are meet Enabling Objective • Record keeping process • Laws affecting records and disclosure of training information • Professional standards • Record auditing procedures

Terminal objective- Evaluate instructors given, evaluation forms, departmental policy, and job performance requirements, so that evaluations identify areas of strength and weakness, recommends changes in style and communication methods, provides opportunity for feedback to the evaluator Enabling Objective • Personnel evaluation methods • Supervision techniques • Department policy • Effective instructional methods and techniques • Coaching and observation techniques • Completion of evaluation forms