Fire and emergency management/Fire instructor II/Evaluation and testing

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Terminal Objective- develop student evaluation instruments given, learning objectives, audience characteristics, and training goals, so that the evaluation determines if the student has achieved the learning objectives, performance of the objective, reliable and verifiable manner, and is bias free to any audience or group.

Enabling Objective Knowledge of: • Evaluation methods • Development of forms • Effective instructional methods and techniques

Enabling Objective Skilled in: • Evaluation item construction • Assembly of evaluation instruments

Terminal Objective- Develop a class evaluation instrument given, agency policy and evaluation goals, so that it provides feedback to the instructor on instructional methods, communication techniques, learning environment, course content, and student materials.

Enabling Objective Knowledge of: • Evaluation methods • Test validity

Enabling Objective Skilled in: • Development of evaluation forms

Terminal Objective- Analyze student evaluation instruments given test data, objectives and policies, so that validity is determined and necessary changes are accomplished

Enabling Objective Knowledge of: • Test validity and reliability • Item analysis

Enabling Objective Skilled in: • Item analysis techniques