Fire and emergency management/Fire fighter II/Fireground Operations

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Terminal Objective: Be able to perform activities necessary to insure life safety, fire control, and property conservation, according to the following job performance requirements.

Objective: Effectivly extinguish and ignitable fire, operating as a member of a team, given an assignment, an attack line, PPE, a foam proportioning device, a nozzle, foam concentrates, and a water supply. Using the correct type of foam the right proportion, forming the proper blanket and application is correct for sittuation.

Enabelers: Understand methods and principles of foam application, the uses of the different types of foam, the limitaions of different types of foam, the advantages and dis advantages of using fog nozzles versus foam nozzles, foam stream application techniques. Understand the hazards an how to avoid them.

Demonsrate preparation of foam concentrate supply for use, assemble all necessary hose stream components, various foam application techniques, and approach and retreat from spills as part of a coordinated team.

Objective: Coordinate an interior attack line for team's accomplishment of an assignment in a structure fire, given all necessary equipment and personnel. Ensure attack techniques are communicated to the attack teams, conditions and communications are kept constant and up to date between all members of the incident.

Enabelers: Understand all structural firefighting equipment and appliances, indicators of building collapse, effects fire supression activities have on building construction materials, applications of specific forcible entry tools, and different application rates and techniques and there uses.

Demonstrate the ability to choose a team and the proper tools for the attack. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and forecast the fire's growth and development, select proper forcible entry tools and incorporate search and rescue procedures, ventilation procedures in coordination with other attack teams and personnel, and determine developing hazardous building and fire conditions.

Objective: Control a flammable gas cylinder fire operating as a member of a team, given all necessary equipment and personnel. Identify contents and methods used to extinguish and hazards associated.

Enabelers: Understand the characteristics of pressurized flammable gases. Understand the elements of the gas cylinder itself, effects that fire will have on it signs and effects a BLEVE, methods for identifying the contents of the cylinder, the proper ways to approach the cylinder, and the proper method for extinguishment or control, also valve assemblies and there operations.

Demonstrate the ability to execute effective advances and retreats, apply various techniques for water application, asses cylinder integrity and changing cylinder conditions, operate control valves, choose effective procedures when conditions change.

Objective: Protect evidence of fire cause and origin, given proper tools in order to preserve and note evidence until investigators arrive on scene.

Enabelers: Understand ways to asses origin and cause, different types of evidence, means to protect it, the role and relationship between firefighter II and criminal investigators, and the effects and problems associated with removing property or evidence from the scene.

Demonstrate the ability to locate the origin of a fire and recognize possible causes and protect the evidence.