Fire and emergency management/Fire fighter I/Fireground operations

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5.3.1 Terminal Objectives: Properly donn and doff SCBA , and other personal protective gear ( PPE).

Enabling Objective:Know the conditions that require respiratory protection, Uses and limitations of the SCBA, physical requirements of the wearer and properly donn and doff PPE.

Demonstrating Objectives: SCBA is correctly donned and activated within a minute. Show breathing techniques. Show completes procedure for SCBA failure or air depletion. Be able to exit through restricted passages.

5.3.2 Terminal Objectives: Respond to an emergency scene safely, mount and dismount safely, wear proper PPE while en route.

Enabling Objective: Mount and dismount fire apparatus while avoiding hazards and using prohibited practices.

Demonstrating Objectives: Show proper safety belt usage, Wearing of PPE during response and following any safty concerns of the department.


Terminal Objectives :Operate in established work areas during emergency situations using traffic and scene control devices.

Enabling Objective: Know the potential hazards involved at emergency scenes and safe work zone designations.

Demonstrating Objectives: Show established work zone designation and hazards at emergency scenes consisting of the following, vehicle traffic , structure fires, downed electrical wires, dismounting apparatus, while keeping personnel in proper PPE and keeping at assigned task work designations.

5.5.4 Terminal Objectives: Forcible entry into a structure

Enabling Objective: Know basic construction of departments surrounding area including , windows, doors, locks, and dangers associated with each item

Demonstrating Objectives: Operate hand and power tools for force entry through doors, windows, locks while operating in a safe method while having proper PPE donned

5.3.5 Terminal Objective: Hazard exit area as a team

Enabling Objective: Know personal accountability system,communication and emergency procedures.

Demonstrating objectives: Exit an area in vision obscured conditions locate a guideline and follow conserving air before air is exhausted, and keeping team integrity while locating a safe haven area.

5.3.6 Terminal Objective: Set up Ground ladders and know hazards associated with them.

Enabling Objective: Know ladder parts, proper angles, safety limitation with each and reliable component for top placement.

Demonstrating objectives: Be able to carry, set, raise, extend, lock flies, judge proper ladder height, making sure wall and roof will support operation, while avoiding hazards and using proper ladder placement and angles.

5.3.7 Terminal Objective: Extinguish a passenger vehicle while using proper PPE and controlling leaking flammable liquid.

Enabling Objective: Know the proper fire streams to use, how to advance the hose line while identifying hazards and how to identify and avoid common injuries. Know the leaking fuel hazards and dangerous conditions associated with passenger vehicle fires.

Demonstrating objectives: Identify automobile fuel types, assess and control fuel leaks and apply water for maximum effectiveness while maintaining flash fire protection and searching for hidden fires in compartments.

5.3.8 Terminal Objective:Extinguishing Class A material exterior stock piled , piled material,small unattached fires while maintaining exposure protection.

Enabling Objective: Type of attack line, water stream, for attacking stock pile, piled materials small unattatched fires while using proper water application for maximum exposure protection. Know various extinguishing agents and effects on different materials while preserving obvious signs of fire cause.

Demonstrating objectives:Operate handlines using proper techniques of water streams, search for hidden fires , modify water application for maximum penetration and extinguish and to evaluate for complete extinguishment.

5.3.9 Terminal objective: Search and rescue as a team, given an assignment using obscured vision and proper PPE.

Enabling Objective: Know forcible entry tools, ladders operations, know proper primary and secondary search techniques.Victim removal methods including various carries.

Demonstrating Objectives: Using SCBA search through restricted areas , set up ladders for rescue operations, while rescues different types of respiratory situations, FF with and without SCBA and person without respiratory protection while assessing areas to determine tenability.

5.3.10 Terminal objective: Interior structural Fire Fighting operating as a member of a team using proper PPE and attack line techniques.

Enabling Objective: Know principles of fire streams application, design and operations, nozzle pressure, advance hose line to a fire. Identify dangerous building conditions, observe results from a properly applied fire stream, principles of fire exposure and potential long term consequences of exposure to products of combustion.

Demonstrating Objectives: properly operate hand lines to prevent water hammer, apply patterns for fire control,using direct, indirect and combination attacks. Advance charged and uncharged hose line 1.5 or larger up ladders and interior and exterior stairways and while secured to a ladder.Extend and replace burst hose sections. Attack fire at ground level and above and below grade levels. Couple and uncouple various handline connections. Locate and suppress interior wall and sub floor fires.


Terminal Objectives: Perform horizontal ventilation as part of a team, using proper placed equipment.

Enabling Objectives: Know the principle advantages, limitations, and effect of horizontal ventilation. Know the effects of mechanical, hydraulic ventilation. Know safety considerations when ventilating, causes of backdrafts,and the relationship of oxygen concentration to life safety and fire growth.

Demonstration Objectives: Perform the ability to operate, transport ventilation tools and ladders to effectively ventilate a structure. Also use safe procedures to breaking glass and removing door glass and obstructions.

5.3.12 Terminal Objectives: Perform Vertical Ventilation as part of a team, using proper placed equipment.

Enabling Objectives: Know the principle advantages, limitations, and effects of vertical ventilation. Understand construction type of house, and elapsed time under fire conditions for structural integrity.

Demonstration Objectives: Perform the ability to operate, transport, hoist, tools to roof, cut roof and flooring materials to vent. Sound floors and roofs for integrity, clear area with hand tools, deploy roof ladder on pitched roof and carry ventilation related tools while climbing and descending ladder, secure ground ladders for ventilation activities.

5.3.13 Terminal Objectives: Overhaul fire scene with proper tools and PPE

Enabling Objectives: Knowledge of fire attack lines and water application for overhaul, water application for limited water damage for structural integrity. Know types of tools needed to locate hidden fire, and look for obvious signs of arson and how to preserve the area in question.

Demonstration Objectives: Deploy fire line, remove flooring, wall and ceiling to locate void spaces for possible fire extension, while trying not to compromise integrity of the structure. Apply water for maximum fire extinguishment while being able to recognize obvious signs of arson. Shall be able to evaluate the void areas for complete extinguishment.


Terminal Objective: Conserve property using Salvage techniques

Enabling Objectives: Know proper purpose for property conservation and value to the public it has. Know how to stop the flow of sprinkler systems, and use salvage covers for water control and to protect property.I dentify main control of sprinkler syatem and any forcible entry issues related to salvage.

Demonstration Objectives: candidate shall cluster all furniture in the middle of the room and cover with salvage cover, construct water chute to control water travel and damage through windows, floor openings.

5.3.15 Terminal Objective: Connect fire department pumper to a water supply using the appropriate tools for an unobstructed water flow.

Enabling Objectives: Know the procedure to load and offload for water supply. Knowledge off hydrant operation, and suitable static water sources and procedures to connect to various water sources.

Demonstration Objectives: Be able to hand lay a supply hose, place and connect hard suction for drafting purposes, deploy portable water tanks as well as the equipment need to complete the task. Make a pumper to pumper connection as well as proper hydrant operation of opening and closing.

5.3.16 Terminal Objective: Incipient Class A,B, and C extinguishment with portable fire extinguishers.

Enabling Objectives: Knowledge of the classification of fire, and select the portable extinguishers to perform the appropriate extinguishment. Know the rating system and use the proper handling techniques for extinguishment.

Demonstration Objectives: Select the appropriate extinguisher based on the class and size of the fire, approach the fire and safely extinguish. Safely handling and operating extinguisher

5.3.17 Terminal Objective: Illuminate an emergency scene with the given equipment and assignment.

Enabling Objective: Know safety principles and practices, power capacity and its limitations to deploy lighting, operating within the manufacturers listed safety guidelines.

Demonstrating Objectives: Safely operate the department power supply to luminate the designated area with the appropriate lighting equipment. Deploy cords, connectors and GFI devices to safely operate equipment.

5.3.18 Terminal Objective: Safely turn off building utilities.

Enabling Objective: Knowledge of property, principle and safety concerns for the following utilities, Electricity, Gas, Water systems.

Demonstrating Objectives: Identify methods and dangers with shutting off utilities. Be able to identify , operate control valves or switches and assess as needed for hazards.

5.3.19 Terminal Objective: Ground cover fire as a team member.

Enabling Objective Safely utilize tools and safety measure to suppress or contain different types of ground cover fires.

Demonstrating Objectives: Determine a exposure threat and start a fire line to protect exposures or extinguish with hand tools while maintaining the integrity of the fire line and suppress the ground cover fire.