Fire and emergency management/Fire Officer I/Inspections and Investigations

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Termial Objective

Given a fire incident. Evaluate the information of the first arriving units what their observations was upon arrival.Interviews of other personal involved with the incident must be conducted. Scene security must be set up. Preliminary reports must be filled out to determine fire cause and all pertinent information be completed and available to the investigator.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must undersatnd most common causes of fire.
  • Must understand and have knowledge of fire growth and development.
  • Must have knowledge of when a fire needs to be investigated through the policies and procedures process.
  • Must have a basic knowledge of fire cause.
  • Must be able to conduct interviews and document accurately and correctly the information recieved.

4.5.2 Termial Objective

Given rope and barrier tape and the perimeterof a scene. Scene security must be implemented so a restricted area is form to protect evidence. This prevents unauthorized people from entering the scene. Destruction of evidence and damage to the scene is protected.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must have knowledge and understand how to preserve evidence.
  • Must be able to classify different types of potential evidence.
  • Must understand how far and what a secure perimeter is.
  • Must be able to ensure that security is in place and operating so no unauthorized persons hace access to the scene