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                   Company Officer I

4.2.1 Terminal Objects give an assignment at an emergency operation. Assign task or responsibilities to unit members. So that the instuctions are complete,clear and concise, safety considerations are addressed;and the desired outcomes are conveyed

Enabling Objectives

  • Understand how to use verbal communications durning emergency situations
  • Understand technigues used to make assigmentsunder stressful situations
  • Uderstand the methods of confirming understanding
  • Demonstate the ability to condense over all assigments and unit task based on standard oprating procedures and training

4.2.2 Termial Objects Give out assisignments under nonemergency coditions at either a station or other work location. You must be able to assign task and responsibilities to unit members.The instructions must be clear,concise,and safety considerationsmust be address.The desired outcome must be conveyed

Enabling Objects

  • Show good verbal communications skills under nonemergency conditions
  • Demostrate the ability to assign task that are freqently issused based on department policies
  • Understand and show techniques and methods used to cnfirm complete understanding of request.

4.2.3 Termial Objectives Assign a caompany a training evolution. Durning the evolution the unit members must provide and excute a safety plan. The company must use policies and procedures so safety plans are carried out efficiently and as directed.

Enabling Objects
  • Understand safety according to policies and procedures durning a
  • Understand and demonstrate the ability to issue assigments durning a taining evolution
  • Understand and be able to issue good verbal communications to ensure company understands their assigment and what is required of them

4.2.4 Termial Object

Recognize members with problems or situations requiring assistance. Recommend actions to be taken according to policies and procedures to resolve and improve the situation Ensure that all polices and procedures are followed.

Enabling Objects

  • Indetify Problems and situations with members
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of stess with emergency personal
  • Understand and follow policies and procedures concerning employees
  • Unserstand actions to be takn to provide assistance in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Understand strees is a problem that everyone will face at some point in the

fire service so have a plan of action prepared

4.2.6 Termaial Objects Give a list of task and job reuirements of crew members. The list must be prioritized, a plan must be developed to coorinated for the completion of the assignments. Each member will be assign a specific task and supervision must be in place to ensure copmletion

Enabling Objects

  • Understand how to set priorities
  • Understand how to develope and coorinate a plan of action
  • Understand how to motivate to higher levels of preformance