Fire and emergency management/Fire Officer I/Health and Safety

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Termial Objective
Given safety policies and procedures. Safety regulations must be applied at he unit level.The proper forms must be completed.Also in service on areas like infectious disease control programs will be completed and documented and members will understand their responsibilities.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must have knowledge and understand common everyday accidents and personal injuries in the work place.
  • Must understand and enforce proper personal protective equipment be wore and safety policies and procedures are followed.
  • In the event something does happen ensure the proper forms are filled and all safety policies and procedures are followed
  • Must be able to recognize work place hazards and correct them to prevent possible injuries.

Enabling Oblectives

  • Must have knowledge and understand safety policies and procedures in regards to the work place.
  • Must be ablt to conduct a accident investigation and fill out the forms so documention is present
  • Describle if any policies or procedures was broken.
  • Forms must be clear and able to be understood by others who may investigate the incident.
  • The ability to communicate and document must be present there will be interveiws that need to be recorded in different areas